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Answers to Popular Questions

We hope this will answer some of the questions you have about the vending business.

How does the full service vending business work?

Usually, full service vending is exactly what it sounds like. Your company requests vending machines for their business and the vending company delivers, fills and services them. In some circumstances the vending company will pay you for your business in the form a commission paid to your company on a monthly basis.

What services are included in full service vending?

Full service vending usually means that all the work involved in providing your company with soft drinks, snacks, food and repairs will be the responsibility of the vending company.

What other types of services are offered from a vending company?

There are many different services offered by most vending companies. Cooperative vending services allow the customers to own their own machines that are serviced by independant vending companies. Some vending companies offer a wholesale delivery of products that are loaded into the vending machines by the business' employees. Service contracts are offered by some vending companies to repair business owned vending machines.

What is a commission?

A commission is an amount paid to your company from the sales generated from the vending machines. A customary rate of 10% is the norm, but it can range anywhere from 3% to 50%! This amount is usually negotiated before a service contract is signed.

What is the length on a vending service contract?

The typical length is a 1 year term. Most of our contracts state that they will automatically renew for a 1 year term unless cancelled within a certain time of the current contract's expiration. There are also minimum sales volume associated with each type of equipment that is explained in detail at the time of contract negotiations. View Sample Contract

Who determines what products are in my machines?

We base the selection we put in the machines on input from our customers and personal experience. We always keep the best selling national brands stocked and any favorites that you request. View Product List

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